Nusquam is Mariangela Ciccarello and Philip Cartelli

Nusquam's collective work explores the interstices between layers of history, ideology, and migration, mixing small gauge video, digital video, still imagery, and installation, blurring the conscious and unconscious and the historical with the contemporary.

Sensitive to a shifting world, they draw attention to the discrepancy between how things are and how they wish they would become, challenging chronology and geography to organize subjects across time and space. While much of their work has a basis in past or present realities, they frequently introduce speculative and performative elements, disturbing the documentary impulse that can close off potential paths of invention (or reinvention).

Author Megan Grumbling has written of Nusquam's moving image work, “As Lampedusa and Sublunary explore the physical histories and shifts of these islands, they also offer subtle, lyrical meditations on the people who, for various reasons and lengths of time, inhabit them, as well as on such seemingly solid human institutions as the nation-state, geopolitical borders and identity, and even the idea of home itself.”

Their collective and individual works have been screened at venues including locarno, edinburgh, torino, visions du Réel, FID marseille, art of the real, harvard Art Museum, syros international film festival, and many more...